According to date 19-05-2019 our sample Prices, it is not permanent some of the prices are negotiable… Contact us on 8015596234 for more discounts and offer’s depending on customer requirement.

Modular Kitchen 10'1 * 8'3 = 68,000 RS

SEMI Modular Kitchen = 48,000 RS

Wardrobe Sample Prices

  • Our sample price
  • Our sample price
Our sample priceOur sample price
Semi Modular wardrobe
Fully Modular wardrobe
1 BHK1,25,000 Rs1,75,000 Rs
2 BHK1,50,000 Rs2,00,000 Rs
3 BHK1,80,000 Rs2,65,000 Rs
VILLA3,00,000 Rs
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